Dr. Ines Schreiver

Co-Leader Dermatotoxicology Study Centre

Ines graduated as engineer in medical biotechnology (Technical University of Berlin) and finished her doctoral thesis in pharmacology at the Freie Universität Berlin in 2018 in the field of tattoo research. Since September 2017, she led the junior group "tattoo inks" at the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). Since 2021, she is Co-Leading the newly formed Dermatotoxicology Study Centre at the BfR together with Dr. Katherina Siewert. 

Susanne Kochs

Doctoral Candidate 

Susanne studied Pharmacy in Kiel, Germany. She is part of the group since November 2019. She will work on the biodistribution and metabolism of tattoo ink ingredients. 

Sandra Schiewe

Technical Assistant

Sandra is the most recent group member since spring 2019. She is working in pigment analysis via MALDI-MS/MS and cell based methods for assessing sensitizers in the cell culture lab.

Former lab members

Henrik Hering

Doctoral Candidate 

Henrik studied biology at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. He is part of the group since 2016 and primarily working with the establishment of 3D skin models with incoorporated pigments and toxic effects of pigment decomposition products.

He took part in the 2. BfR Science Slam in 2018. You can watch his exciting presentation here: 

Markus Kühn

Technical Assistant

Markus is working in our cell culture lab in the field of reactive oxygen species detection and primary cell culture of human skin cells. He joined the group in 2017.

Obinna-Anthony Uzokwe

Master Student (2019)

Obinna is doing his Master's in Toxicology at the University of Potsdam. He investigated the oxidative stress response from pigment particles in combination with UV light. 

Daniel Brucks

Internship (2019)

Daniel is studying Pharmacology at the Freie Universität Berlin and did a voluntary internship in our group.